Beauty clinics are like hairdressers – if you find a good one that you can trust, you stick with them. As the treatments I’ve had lately haven’t exactly been the relaxing type, I decided to pop along to my local beauty clinic – Bodilight, based at The Hub in Milton Keynes, on a gorgeous sunny Friday to have a pampering Shellac manicure.

One of the things I most like about Bodilight is how friendly and welcoming the staff are. I hadn’t met the therapist, Liberty, before but we’re soon chatting away and she is very patient with my photo-taking and endless questions about possible future treatments. Less crucial (but still important) I get offered two coffees during my half hour appointment:-)


The lovely Liberty!

My fingernails are definitely the most neglected part of my beauty regime. It just seems so pointless to paint them knowing that in less than 24 hours I’ll have probably chipped the paint. Despite that, I love the ‘finished’ look that having your nails painted gives your entire look. Fortunately, nail technology has come a long way in recent years and I am now a huge fan of Shellac – varnish which lasts for up to 14 days.

Liberty starts the treatment by tidying up my cuticles (fortunately they are not in too shocking a state) before shaping my nails. I’ve had a few horror manicures before where my cuticles have been cut, I’ve had friction burns from the nail file or I’ve hated the shape of my nails. Fortunately, Liberty is professional and gentle, consults me on the shape I like and checks I’m happy with them.


Liberty uses a wipe to remove any dust or oil from the nails before applying a special base coat which is cured using a UV lamp. Then it’s onto the fun part – the colour. I’m spoilt for choice as Bodilight has such a fantastic range of colours but eventually plump for a classic red. Two coats are applied, each cured with the UV lamp. Then a top coat is applied with a final cure under the lamp. Liberty then applies some oil to hydrate and nourish my nails. I’m talked through the aftercare of my nails – the main point is not to file them as the nail varnish is ‘capped’ i.e. applied over the tip of the nail, to give it extra longevity.

Left: UV lamp curing my Shellac      Right: Fantastic colour range at Bodilight

I absolutely LOVE the result, the varnish is super shiny and is 100% dry – so no worrying about smudging it while digging my purse and car keys out of my bag. It’s great to know my nails will continue to look fantastic for the next fortnight – in fact, when I’ve had Shellac before I’ve had it last up to three weeks. Plus, there is no damage to my natural nails – when it does eventually start to chip I’ll simply soak it off with some acetone.

The gorgeous end result

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The price is £29 (or £32 for French or £34 for Rockstar) and my treatment took roughly half an hour. To book, call Bodilight on 01908 395031 or visit their website for more information

Beauty Geek x

Shellac by Liberty at Bodilight