Vampire boob jobs- Just for suckers?

Vampires are hot! And whilst we may not currently be in the embrace of the true blood/twilight vampire fervour of a few years ago, they never go out of fashion-especially if you like that new romantic/19th century look. In the case of the vampire movies I have seen, the female characters don’t seem overly in need of any help in the corset department!

Here is a short article to help you stay abreast(see what I did there?) of one of the more “out there” sounding new trends and technologies in beauty and fashion. Is the name the big story here, or is there something more interesting here?

I try to keep an open mind, and am always eager to hear about non-surgical possibilities when it comes to enhancements, maintenance, and upkeep- and realistically, they had me at vampire! But what is it, and what are the risks and benefits? Lets have a look!

Just another Bloody fad?

Some of you may be familiar with the vampire facial. It has been made famous/notorious by a particularly memorable blood stained Kim Kardashian selfie, amongst other celeb “endorsements”. It attempts to rejuvenate the skin be the use of your own blood. It is injected into controlled areas and reportedly tones, lifts and repairs the skin and tissue.

The same principle is applied here to the Vampire breast lift. Blood is taken from the arm or leg typically and reintroduced to the patient’s breast.

Sounds simple right? No!

Before the amateur surgeons among you start prepping, a lot has to happen to the blood at this stage before it is ready to help plump up those puppies. It is first combined with an anti-coagulant to prevent uncontrolled clotting. It is spun in a medical centrifuge to separate out the platelets, the active element that they are trying to refine.

The resulting plasma, as it is known, is re injected to activate the body’s natural defences- by essentially mimicking damage, it will encourage natural scar tissue growth, and it is that repair process that results in a beneficial lifting and toning effect.

 Mammary Muscle Memory

This is by no means a replacement for a surgical procedure. This will not take your from fried eggs to cantaluopes, It will not double what you have been given naturally, but it could certainly help to restore a bit of lost fullness and perkiness.

Some users have also reported a positive effect in the overall breast appearance-helping to improve skin tone, reduce stretch marks, and to restore cleavage.

A further unexpected benefit of this procedure is to help restore lost nipple sensitivity, very useful to patients after breastfeeding or surgery for instance.


Show me the money, zest that chest

Coming in at around the £1-2k mark, the price is certainly attractive, less of a commitment. Perhaps more achievable for those who want some help, but may feel hesitant at the prospect of a surgical procedure and resultant bulging credit card. It lasts around two years and has a good safety record.


With any new procedure, caution is always advisable. If you do decide that it is for you, be diligent when choosing and researching your cosmetic dermatologist/practitioner. Get references, testimonials, and the opinion of your GP. Often overlooked- make sure that you, yourself are happy with the actual procedure! For instance-not everyone likes needles and blood, this procedure relies upon both!

In this instance the name is a lot more dramatic than the procedure itself. The use of platelets to stimulate collagen and tissue growth is not a new medical procedure really. Using blood in the pursuit youth and pertness-despite its historical, religious and symbolic significance-is far less controversial than the use of Wrinkle Relaxers or chemicals in my opinion. Keep an eye out for PRP and vampire treatments. They could be at the forefront of innovation in beauty treatments and the pursuit of eternal youth moving forwards.

Interested in Vampire boob jobs? Let us know as this is a treatment we are looking to bring to Bodilight in the near future.




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