Hollywood bound?

Posted on May 12th, 2023

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Hollywood bound?

A noobs guide to their first professional wax

If you are new to waxing but have been thinking of giving it a go, here is a short article about my positive experience in the world of professional hair removal, and how to prepare yourself practically (and mentally!)

I was very dubious about bikini waxing at first! The thought of paying an unspecified person to pour hot wax on me and rip it off sounded more like a horror film or a saucy tabloid exposé than part of a desirable beauty routine. Yet somehow I found myself sat in a waiting room before my holiday, ready to join the hairless masses.

Fight the Stage fright & Ensure You Dress Right!

You will likely feel very self-conscious in this situation. Outside of medical, romantic, or unintended (lol) circumstances it is unlikely anyone has seen you in this position. Try not to be too body conscious, similarly to a doctor, they will have seen everything all before.

If you are still worried, try and identify areas of concern then be pro –active, try and predict then take special steps to manage areas that may be of worry to you…. For instance

  • Pay extra attention to washing those intimate areas before your visit.
  • If you are a little self conscious about the amount of hair, have a little trim before your visit, but don’t go too short! The wax needs something to grip, and I was recommended that about ¼ of an inch growth is ideal for this.
  • Do your best to wear underwear that you are not embarrassed about, has breathable natural materials and that will not scratch or irritate afterwards.
  • Lose fitting tracksuits are my go-to outfit.

Style, price and lingo

Do a bit of research into what style you would like (or feel comfortable with), and the various terminologies used to describe them. It is much easier to converse confidently and get exactly what you want, if you know a little about the rather abstract and random terms used to refer to the various styles ( I overheard an elderly salon customer express her surprise that they had a Brazilian working at a Milton Keynes beauty salon!)Here are a few of the common ones

-Bikini-a good first time option and focuses upon tidying up anything that could/does stray outside the bikini line.

-High Bikini, Thong or G string-a slightly more extensive version of the above, you can decide how much.

-Brazilian or Designer-this involves a more comprehensive wax. It would typically leave only a small patch of hair at the front, known lovingly as a “landing strip”

-Hollywood or Full clearance –this is the complete removal of everything from the area, front, back and underneath. The appropriate Hollywood actor would be Vin Diesel in this case!

Assume the position, this might sting a little!

The position they ask you to start with will vary dependent upon the option you have chosen, and the personal preference of your practitioner. A warm wax is then applied, and then a strip of cloth attached to the wax, ready for removal. Or in some cases a hot wax is applies that sets (becomes hard) They will hold the skin taught, press down and peel away the strip/set wax.

The amount of strips/wax used, and pain experienced varies considerably. It is dependent upon the thickness and amount of hair, the skill of the therapist and the pain threshold of the person on the table- the good news is that the pain level does reduce the more often it is done.

Once finished, a quick tidy up with tweezers, a very welcome soothing cream applied and you can be on your newly aerodynamic way!

A bit of redness is common afterwards, but if you are worried or the area stays irritated, get it checked out by a doctor just for peace of mind.

Regrowth time varies, but you can typically hope for a month to 6 weeks before time for another visit.

I hope this has helped you understand a little about the process, having been scared and silent initially, I have actually started to treat my sessions as free counselling-it is really just like going to the hairdresser for me now.

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