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It’s not difficult to understand why beauty experts and celebrities worldwide are turning to the amazing CACI Ultra system.

The multifunctional CACI Ultra combines the facial toning functions of the award winning CACI Classic non surgical face lift system, with the skin regenerating applications of the acclaimed Futur-Tec system.

The CACI Ultra system incorporates 4 different technologies within one state of the art treatment device; Microcurrent, Ultrasonic Peel, Hydratone and LED Light Therapy photo stimulation. The colour touch screen interface provides a selection menu of over 40 pre set treatment programs for softening lines and wrinkles, facial toning, hand rejuvenation, stretch marks and improving acne blemishes.

The system utilises a special ultrasonic handset that vibrates at 27,000 vibrations per second on the skin surface to ex foliate and deep cleanse the epidermis. Ultra’s unique wrinkle comb applicator is used to effectively and painlessly plump out and soften deep lines and wrinkles thereby providing a needle free alternative to dermal fillers.*

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from client to client.


How is CACI different to other systems?2023-06-19T19:00:32+00:00

All CACI systems deliver microcurrent energy using ultra low frequencies and the power of a unique digitally simulated tidal wave. This special digital waveform optimises results and comfort by gradually increasing in intensity to overcome skin resistance (Ohm’s Law). It then rises to a peak in order to deliver the full power of the microcurrent energy deep into the muscle.*

What is Microcurrent?2023-06-19T19:00:00+00:00

Originally developed for treating facial palsy, microcurrent therapy is now widely used as an aesthetic anti-ageing treatment. True microcurrent uses a current with an intensity of less than one millionth of an amp (<1mA) that works in harmony with the body’s own bio-electrical field. A higher intensity current will cause contractions of the facial muscles which can actually worsen lines and wrinkles, whereas microcurrent stimulation does not contract muscles, but instead works by a process called muscle re-education to achieve results.* Due to it’s lifting and toning effect, the CACI microcurrent treatment has become known as the “Non Surgical Face Lift”.

What are the benefits of LED Light systems?2023-06-19T18:58:47+00:00

LED Light Systems..
• Stimulate tissue healing
• Create a calming action on inflamed skin
• Are effective for acne treatment

What is the CACI System?2023-06-19T18:58:16+00:00

The result of over 20 years research, the anti-ageing treatment combines CACI Non Surgical Facial Toning with Skin Rejuvenation. The system incorporates 4 different technologies: Microcurrent, Ultrasonic Peeling, Hydratone and LED Light Therapy stimulation within one state of the art treatment device.


Scoring a perfect 10/10 from the Daily Mail, the CACI Synergy is the newest and most advanced system on the market from CACI International. Renowned for its non-surgical facelift, CACI uses patented micro-current technology to re-educate and lift the muscles of the face as well as target the main visible signs of ageing. It also comprises of orbital microdermabrasion, ultrasonic peeling and CACI’s unique wrinkle comb. For optimum results, we recommend that all facial toning treatments are carried out in courses of 10-12 twice weekly followed by a single monthly maintenance treatment.

Treatments* Price
CACI Synergy Non Surgical Face-lift with S.P.E.D* 90 mins

The most advanced CACI treatment combining all aspects of the Synergy system for facial toning, leaving a youthful and radiant complexion.Comprising of CACI’s non surgical face-lift and ultrasonic peeling, microdermabrasion, wrinkle comb and nourishing hydra mask, this is pure luxury and a real treat for your skin.

CACI Non Surgical Face-lift with S.P.E.D* 60 mins

Caci’s breakthrough S.P.E.D technology is used to lift and tone the facial muscles whilst dramatically reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles leaving a more youthful appearance and clear, glowing skin.

CACI Eye Revive with S.P.E.D* 30 mins

This treatment targets hooded eyelids, and smooths fine lines and wrinkles whilst serum filled rollers and a nourishing eye mask tackle puffiness and dark circles. ideal for those with tired eyes.*

Jowl Lift 20 mins*

The CACI Jowl Lift has been developed to specifically target muscle laxity around the jawline. Using Quad probes specially designed to lift and firm the muscles and refine facial contours.

Electro-Cellulite Massager* 30 mins

Designed to effectively contour the legs and buttocks, CACI’s electrically-charged massage roller is used to reduce inches and smooth the appearance of cellulite by breaking down fatty deposits and improving lymph drainage which will help to flush toxins away giving the skin a smoother, tighter and brighter dimple free complexion. Great as a pre holiday/bikini blitz.*


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from client to client. Buy 6 of any of the above treatments and receive 10% off or buy 12 to receive 20% off.

*Breakthrough S.P.E.D technology (Stimulates, Photo-Electrical Delivery) combines CACI’s signature micro current and high brilliance LED light therapy for enhanced skin treatment results. Red light issued to stimulate cellular turnover and collagen production whilst blue light is used to calm redness and kill bacteria – an effective treatment for acne and blemishes.

*All treatments can be tailored to suit individual needs. Please discuss with your therapist.

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