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Safe, effective, fast and guaranteed!

Following very thorough research, clinical trials and case studies, Bodilight has equipped its clinic with the world’s most power Laser Hair removal device, the Eneka Pro Diode Laser system.

This innovative technology achieves excellent results in permanent hair reduction using high powered technology and integrated cooling. Hair removal with the Eneka Pro Diode Laser System eliminates permanently the active follicles within each session carried out.

The cooling technology protects the skin from heat allowing the laser to selectively target the hair. The Eneka is FDA approved and CE certified.

The combination of power, versatility and high speed enables us to treat a wide range of hair and skin types.

The Eneka Pro allows quick, safe, comfortable and effective laser hair removal with guaranteed results. Treatments are tailorable for each individual and to ensure clients safety, a full consultation and test patch is carried out prior to any treatment.


What should I do after my treatment?2023-11-20T20:27:47+00:00

• Avoid perfume, body lotions, after-shave, make-up and deodorant. You may use Tea-tree deodorant which is free from alcohol, perfume and aluminium.
• Avoid heat treatments such as hot baths or showers, saunas, steam rooms and Jacuzzis.
• Use an aftercare product such as Tea-tree hand and body lotion or aloe vera gel which can be purchased at the clinic.
• Avoid restrictive clothing or excess friction on the area.
• Avoid cardiovascular exercise and swimming as the chemicals in the water may cause irritation
• Avoid facial and body treatments until the skin has returned to normal.
• Do not apply ice-packs as this can shock and traumatize the skin.
• Notify the clinic of any change in medical conditions, medication or pregnancy.
• Do not hesitate to call us if you have any adverse reactions
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to solve your unwanted hair problems. Our popularity depends upon very low pricing without sacrificing the quality of treatment.

If you have any queries or comments please do not hesitate to contact the clinic. If you are pleased with our service and your results please ask about our voucher referral scheme for friends & family.

Is the treatment safe?2023-11-20T20:27:32+00:00

The treatment is approved by the FDA, who has deemed it safe. The light produced by the laser is in the infra-red end of the light spectrum as opposed to the UV end. This type of light is non-carcinogenic. Lasers have been used in the medical profession for over 35 years and no long-term side effects have been reported.

Is there anything I should avoid before and during my treatment course?2023-11-20T20:26:53+00:00

Do your best to minimise sun exposure to the area being treated, recent sun exposure can put your skin at risk. If we have to postpone your treatment due to recent sun exposure hair reduction may be less effective. Sun exposure includes sun beds and self-tanning creams should be avoided throughout your treatment course.
Do not apply aggravating creams to the skin before or during the course of treatment, this includes glycolic acid (Aha creams) and Vitamin-A cream. Also, be sure to contact tell us if you are taking any medication before you start your treatment.

Are there any side effects?2023-06-20T14:55:54+00:00

Immediate redness and some swelling to the skin are short term side effects following each treatment and this usually settles within a few hours. It is possible for there to be a fine superficial brown scale or gravel rash to the skin and this can take anything from a few days to a couple of weeks before completely disappearing.
Less common side effects are:
• Hypopigmentation – (whitening of skin). This is rare and may take several months to fade.
• Hyperpigmentation – (darkening of the skin), which can take several months to a year or more to disappear.
• Mottling – (capillary matting) can occur in fair skin types where very high powers may be necessary and the effects may be long lasting.

Can I still wax between treatments?2023-06-20T14:55:28+00:00

You cannot remove hair from the follicle between treatments (e.g. waxing, plucking, threading etc). Shaving and / or trimming is allowed.

Does it hurt?2023-11-20T20:26:28+00:00

The Eneka Pro claims to be a comfortable treatment. Most describe it as virtually painless, however very sensitive or extremely dense areas may cause a slight brief sting.

How long does a treatment take?2023-11-20T20:26:08+00:00

The large spot size of the Eneka pro enables the treatment to be carried out very quickly. In fact it is one of the quickest lasers in the world. A back and shoulders takes as little as 10 mins, whilst an underarm takes less than a minute.

How often will I need treating?2023-06-14T18:13:54+00:00

After a treatment the treated hairs take about 2 weeks to shed from the skin. Re-growth then usually occurs at about 4 weeks later, so we recommend that each treatment is approximately 6 weeks apart. This may vary depending on the treatment area.

Will all of the hair be permanently removed in one session?2023-06-14T18:13:31+00:00

No, because hair grows in different cycles. Only the hair in the growing stage (anagen stage) is in the hair follicle and it is only hair in the anagen stage that causes damage to the hair follicle. Most people will need a course of approximately 6 sessions. Follicles that have been permanently damaged will not produce any more hair.

How do I know if I am suitable for laser treatment?2023-11-20T20:25:48+00:00

Because the laser targets pigment, the hair ideally should be dark. The laser does not work on white, grey or blonde hair and is less effective on very fine/vellus dark hair. (In these cases a course of electrolysis would be advised instead). All skin types are treatable with our Laser. The purpose of a consultation is to check and ensure your suitability as well as inform you of how the treatment works.

Who carries out the treatment?2023-06-13T17:40:11+00:00

All of our treatments are carried out by fully qualified laser practitioners. Each operator will have passed an in-house examination on laser hair reduction and completed the Core of Knowledge training, which focuses on Health and Safety issues. Our clinic is medically supervised by registered nurses who are accredited with a BTEC in laser hair reduction.

What does the consultation and test patch involve?2023-06-13T17:39:47+00:00

The consultation involves watching a short presentation about the treatment and then a laser operator will examine your skin and hair type for suitability. A test patch is carried out to determine the best treatment settings and to avoid over-dosing the skin. If any adverse effects are experienced on the test patch area, we may need to re-assess your treatment programme.

How does it work?2023-11-20T20:25:20+00:00

The Eneka Pro Diode Laser system is designed to remove unwanted hair through selective photothermolysis. The process involves local selective absorption of an intense light pulse at wavelengths that are absorbed by the desired targets (hair follicles) but not by the surrounding tissue.


Laser hair removal - Full legs, underarms

After many years of having to shave my legs practically every day, I found out about laser treatment at Bodilight. I can honestly say it has been the most fantastic thing ever. My legs are now always smooth and it was worth every penny. I'm now in the process of having other areas treated, so that I never have to shave any where ever again!

Sandra, aged 38 – Newport Pagnell
Laser hair removal - Full Clearance

The staff managed the difficult art of marrying friendly informality with impressive professionalism. At my age 74 this is appreciated. Fred

Fred, aged 74 – Milton keynes


Bodilight are specialist in this treatment, offering a safe, effective, fast and permanent solution for unwanted hair for both men and women.

Extra Small Areas
Lip / Chin / Nose / Ears / Glabella / Fingers / Toes
Price Per Session Course Price Saving
1 Treatment £40 N/A N/A
3 Treatments £36 £108 10%
6 Treatments £32 £192 20%
10 Treatments £24 £240 40%
Small Areas
Small face area / Underarm / Nipples / Sternum / Peri Anal / Linea / Front of neck
Price Per Session Course Price Saving
1 Treatment £60 N/A N/A
3 Treatments £54 £162 10%
6 Treatments £48 £288 20%
10 Treatments £36 £360 40%
Medium Areas
Bikini / Neck / Beard / Half Arms / Breast / Buttocks / Back of thigh/ Half back
Price Per Session Course Price Saving
1 Treatment £80 N/A N/A
3 Treatments £72 £216 10%
6 Treatments £64 £384 20%
10 Treatments £48 £480 40%
Large Areas
Back / Chest / Half leg / Shoulders / Full face / Beak & neck / Three quarter arm
Price Per Session Course Price Saving
1 Treatment £110 N/A N/A
3 Treatments £99 £297 10%
6 Treatments £88 £528 20%
10 Treatments £66 £660 40%
Extra Large Areas
Full legs / Chest & abdomen / Back & shoulders / Full arms
Price Per Session Course Price Saving
1 Treatment £130 N/A N/A
3 Treatments £117 £351 10%
6 Treatments £104 £624 20%
10 Treatments £78 £780 40%

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