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Tracy Fensome is highly regarded as an accomplished Permanent Makeup Specialist and Trainer within the UK’s Permanent Cosmetics Industry.

Beautifully defined brows, lips and eyeliner that looks good all day every day from the moment you wake up!

Permanent cosmetic makeup offers the solution to this. A method of having your lips, brows or eye liner permanently applied with permanent makeup so you have very minimal maintenance on a day to day basis. This procedure involves a skilled technique of applying pigments of suitable shades and colours under the surface of the skin.

Our recommended practitioner Tracy Fensome has years of experience in the field with clients returning year after year to gain benefit from her elite skills. Tracy not only performs the procedure eyebrows, eyeliner and lips but is also a certified trainer and assessor obtaining her expertise from the renowned permanent makeup giant, Nouveau Contour as well as continually attending regular seminars and training. She has also learned and gained recognition from the Russian masters who are at the forefront of the industry.

As well as the cosmetic side of things, Tracy also performs medical tattooing in areas such as scar and burn camouflage, alopecia, hair loss, vitiligo, areola enhancement.

Tracy has a friendly, professional attitude with her aim to make sure that her clients are fully satisfied with the treatment they receive. She encourages all her clients to ask any questions that they may have so she offer just the right advice from her 18 years of experience and knowledge in the beauty industry and meet their requirements.

Tracy has a monthly permanent makeup clinic at Bodilight and offers free consultations up to 20 minute. If you would like to find out more how permanent makeup can make a difference to you call 01908 395031 to book a consultation alternatively you can view more details at


What other credentials does you practitioner have?2023-06-20T08:40:35+00:00

20 years experience in make-up artistry, beauty and skin industry
A VTCT trainer and assessor to learners in beauty and makeup
Over 5years experience as an advanced permanent cosmetics and medical tattooist with 1000’s of performed procedures
PGCE, Cert.Ed., MiFl, VTCT Level 4, A1 Assessor
Health, Safety & Hygiene Diploma
Nouveau Contour Qualified to Advanced Paramedical level
Accrued a comprehensive knowledge of aesthetic and cosmetic procedures by working with aesthetic doctors and surgeons
To find out more about our Permanent Makeup services, please contact us today, or click here to see additional Permanent Makeup FAQs.

Health and safety standards?2023-06-20T08:40:00+00:00

We use the latest state of the art computerised equipment with fully disposable ‘single use only’ applicator cartridges. Our clinic is Health Authority approved and complies with the environmental authority regulations set by each council.

Can I still wear conventional make-up?2023-06-20T08:39:40+00:00

Yes, permanent makeup is designed to enhance your natural features but you still have the option of applying conventional makeup.

How long does it last for?2023-06-20T08:39:04+00:00

You should consider it to be permanent although the pigment will gradually fade over time. We advise you to plan to come in every 18 months or so for a colour boost, so that the permanent make-up looks complete and fresh. Permanent Make-up can last for many years but this is dependent on several factors including skin type, sun exposure and lifestyle.

What will I look like after my treatment?2023-06-20T08:38:43+00:00

Although some people may have a little swelling or redness this will soon disappear. For the first few days after your treatment, your makeup will look a little darker but the colours will soon lighten to achieve your desired look and a retouch will be scheduled between four and six weeks to achieve a perfect result.

What features can you improve?2023-06-20T08:38:17+00:00

We can give you beautiful eyebrows and lashes and perfect lips, which glow with health. Under our medical procedures we can help people who have suffered hair loss with alopecia or chemotherapy or have had breast surgery.

Does it hurt?2023-06-20T08:37:39+00:00

There’s nothing to worry. Prior to the procedure, we will apply a simple numbing cream so you do not feel any discomfort. Some clients have likened the sensation to having their eyebrows tweezed.

Am I suitable for Permanent Makeup?2023-06-20T08:37:16+00:00

Most people over the age of 18 years from the young to the elderly who desire a soft, natural enhancement to their appearance. During a consultation, we will discuss with you specifically which treatments will suit you best taking into account your expectations, and any of your features that may require enhancing.

Who would benefit from Permanent Makeup?2023-06-20T08:36:44+00:00

Permanent Makeup is for all people that want to look their best all day, every day! Everyone from the young to the elderly who desire a soft, natural enhancement to their appearance 24 hours a day. Both men and women are suitable for Permanent Makeup and Medical Micropigmentation.
Clients that would benefit from Permanent Cosmetic Makeup procedures include those with:

Sparse or droopy eyebrows
Sparse lashes
Thin, pale, uneven lips
Loss of definition due to ageing
Allergy to conventional cosmetics
Unsymmetrical features
Hayfever and Watery Eyes
Poor Vision
Busy People
Hair Loss
Sport oriented people
Alopecia and Chemotherapy
The Benefits, to name a few:

Practical: swim, beach & work out at the gym with no worry about smudges or smears
Enhanced – improving on your own natural beauty
Perfection: Effortless and confidence boosting
Investment: Save money on make-up over the years
Time: saves time to allow for a more active lifestyle and personal freedom.
Convenient: Stays put 24/7 looking good all day
Permanent makeup is also ideal for people who take part in sport, have difficulty applying makeup or are allergic to cosmetics. It can also help to camouflage scarring and bring life-changing benefits to alopecia sufferers and to people who have had breast reconstruction work or have experienced hair loss following chemotherapy treatment

Does it look natural?2023-06-20T08:36:06+00:00

Yes, if you go to a reputable and highly experienced practitioner, your permanent makeup will look as natural and attractive as conventional cosmetics because it has been applied by a professional makeup artist it will look sensational.

What is Permanent Makeup?2023-06-20T08:35:45+00:00

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup also known as Micro pigmentation is an innovative procedure, in which carefully applied Hypo-allergenic pigments is implanted using disposable tiny micro-needles into the dermal layer of the skin (unlike permanent tattoos which go much deeper) where hair or colour is missing

What are the benefits?2023-06-20T08:35:11+00:00

When applied by a professionally skilled technician the results can be life-changing and confidence boosting. Furthermore, the technique is simple, safe and revolutionary and will enhance your natural beauty.
Permanent Cosmetic Makeup is truly a new era in makeup. It can be used as a great time saver for those on the go, who want to look their best all the time, even when they wake up, as a confidence booster for those who feel that they have lost definition in their features, or for those suffering with medical conditions such as alopecia, vitiligo or the effects of chemotherapy. The treatment can also be used in post-op breast reconstructions and to cover scars.

What cosmetic enhancements is this pigmentation technique used for?2023-06-20T08:34:46+00:00

Lip/linerlBlushed lips
Beauty Marks
Scar camouflage
Hair stimulation
Breast & Areola
Wrinkle Reduction MCA

How long does it last?2023-06-20T08:33:56+00:00

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup can last for up to 2 years or more depending on a number of factors such as the age of skin, amount of time spent in the sun, and individual skin colour and tone.

What is Permanent Cosmetics?2023-06-20T08:33:34+00:00

Imagine having beautifully designed eyebrows, stunning defined eyes and gorgeous looking lips 24 hours a day with no effort. Clients of all ages are experiencing the benefits and the difference Permanent Cosmetic Makeup can make to their lives.
Permanent Cosmetic Makeup also known as Semi-Permanent and Micropigmentation, is an innovative procedure, in which carefully applied Hypo-allergenic pigments are implanted using disposable tiny micro-needles into the dermal layer of the skin (unlike permanent tattoos which go much deeper)


Permanent Makeup - Eyebrows

Thank you so much for the amazing eyebrows and stunning eyeliner you have done for me. After years of daily pencilling my brows in, this is such a relief and enjoyment to wake-up with brows.

Val – Luton
Permanent Makeup - Lip blush

My friends ouldnt believe i'd had a permanent makeup treatment on my lips as they look so natural with a blush of colour. I absolutely love them. Will have my eyeliner done too soon. Thanks again.

Lois – Herts
Permanent Makeup - Lips, brows and eyeliner

I have had my eyes, lips and brows done and I am hooked! People always comment on how nice my makeup looks (no one would ever guess it's tattoo'd it's so natural). With naturally fair eyebrows and eyelashes, holidays were a nightmare trying to pencil on eyebrows and eyeliner but now i don't have to worry at all, they always look fab! Thank you.

Clare – Amptill


Permanent makeup ensures you always look your best 24 hours a day – effortlessly! this innovative procedure can last up to 2 years or more. The results can be life changing and confidence boosting. Furthermore, the technique is simple, safe and revolutionary and will enhance your natural beauty. A redeemable consultation fee of £50 is charged for all procedures.

Treatment Price
Eyebrows  £495
Powdered effect
3D hair stroke effect
High lift effect
Eyes £425
Lash enhacement (top and/or bottom)
Fine- medium eyeliner
Two tones eyeliner
Shaded eyeliner
Pearl eyeliner
Latino or ultra thick eyeliner
Lips  from £425
Lip contour
Lip contour & defind blend
Lip blush
Full lip colour
Male lip enhancement
Paramedical  from £150
Scar camouflage
Vitiligo camouflage
MCA wrinkle therapy
Scars in brows
Cleft lip
Forcyde lips
Areola  from £495
Single or double re-pigmenting areola
Colour enhancemnt
Shape correction/enhancement

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