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Get flawless perfection every time with St. Tropez.

It really is the safest and quickest way to tan achieving a beautiful, golden tan every time.

St. Tropez offers a classic and an extra dark shade of tan as well as a super speedy express 60 Minute option, allowing you to wash you tan off after only 1 hour.

Our experienced and professional staff will ensure that you feel totally conformable throughout, explaining every step of the treatment process.

Please note: A skin test is recommended 48 hours beforehand.


What other top tanning tips can you give me?2023-06-20T08:18:04+00:00

For the best results exfoliate before and after.
5 to 7 days after your spray tan we recommend you gently exfoliate your skin with St Tropez Tan enhancing Body Polish. Repeat this every 2 days thereafter to ensure your tan fades evenly and to prepare your skin for your next tan application.

What can I expect immediately after?2023-06-20T08:17:34+00:00

Allow a few minutes for the tan to absorb before dressing. The initial tan colour you’ll see is actually the cosmetic guide colour. Only apply loose dark clothing.
Whilst your tan is developing:

The tan will typically require between 6 and 8 hours developing time (depending on the product used). Therefore keep your skin completely dry, avoid water contact for this period.
Do not apply any products over the developing tan.
Avoid other beauty/hair treatments whilst tan is developing.
Avoid activities that make you perspire.
Drink hot beverages through a straw as contact with a hot cup can strip colour from around your mouth.
Toothpaste can also strip colour while your tan develops.
After your tan has developed:

Rinse off remaining colour guide with warm/hot water. Once the water runs clear gently wash yourself with a mild soap.
Avoid products that contain alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA’s) as they can strip colour.
Avoid swimming pools as chlorine will prematurely fade your tan.
To prolong your tan use St. Tropez Tan enhancing body moisturiser daily. This will lock in colour and hydrate your skin.

What happens when I have my tan?2023-06-20T08:17:01+00:00

One of our professional therapists will guide you through your treatment. First you will be asked to wear sticky soles that temporarily adhere to the bottom of your feet. These will stop your feet discolouring. Then your skin will be prepared by applying an Oil-Free Moisturiser to your hands, knees, elbows and feet to ensure your spray tan blends naturally. You tan will then be expertly applied.
The whole treatment lasts less than 10 minutes.

Is there anything I should do/avoid before a spray tan?2023-06-20T08:16:19+00:00

Do not use any other self-tanning products for 1 week before treatment and avoid wax or shaving for at least 24 hours prior to treatment.
On the day of your treatment DO NOT wear any make-up, deodorant, perfume, body oils or lotions as these may react with the tanning agents in the Spray Tan. It is recommended to wear loose, dark clothing, sandals or flip flops.

Do I need a test patch/skin test before having a spray tan?2023-06-20T08:15:30+00:00

We recommend you obtain a patch test, especially if you have never used any self-tanning products before or have sensitive skin.


Spray Tan

Just had a spray tan, an amazing place, always made relaxed and really looked after, would recommend to anyone. N.o 1 on customer service and I’ve been to many places before here, and wouldn’t go anywhere else now! Keep up the fab work ladies!

Elaine aged 59, Milton Keynes
Waxing & Spray Tan

I come to have waxing and spray tans. Always made to feel very welcome and the staff are always so professional. Great clinic!

Jules aged 36, Milton Keynes
Spray Tan

Well!! What can I say!! My fake bake tan is just amazing, I love it! Totally addicted. Thank you girls!

Rachel aged 32, Olney


Treatment Price
St. Tropez Classic /Extra Dark spray tan £32
St. Tropez Express 60 Minute Spray Tan £35
St. Tropez Purity Vitamin Spray tan £35
Upper body only £18
Legs only £18

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