Hollywood bound?

Hollywood bound? A noobs guide to their first professional wax If you are new to waxing but have been thinking of giving it a go, here is a short article about my positive experience in the world of professional hair removal, and how to prepare yourself practically (and mentally!) I was very dubious about bikini waxing at first! The thought … Read More

Activated Charcoal Benefits

Do you know about all the many amazing benefits of activated charcoal? Many of us do not have a clue and until a few months ago I had no idea either. For those that have never heard of it, I have decided to enlighten you on the remarkable benefits. The reason it has so many benefits is because activated charcoal … Read More

Top Makeup Tricks to Make You Look Younger

Here at Bodilight we believe that taking care of your skin and body helps to make you feel positive about yourself. Positive thoughts can make a big difference. As we age, our skin begins to develop fine lines and wrinkles and our skin loses that youthful glow. In addition to living a healthy lifestyle, using knowledge of how to effectively … Read More

Skin Pigmentation

  We all know that wrinkles are a big concern for many of us. However, high up on the list of desired things to combat is pigmentation patches. Pigmentation can be due to multiple causes and can be challenging to treat. It is a condition which causes the skin to look lighter or darker in areas giving uneven skin tone. … Read More

Hottest Beauty Trends Spring 2017

If you aren’t up to date with the latest catwalk trends, then allow us to fill you in! With Spring soon approaching are going brighter and bolder than ever. Gorgeous glitter and rainbow colour makeup was seen across the shows from Fendi to DKNY. Here we outline the best of the beauty trends to follow. Rosie cheeks Wearing your blush … Read More

Is Laser Hair Removal the way to go?

There are now so many options for hair removal. Waxing, tweezing, shaving, threading, bop it, creams and now laser. It’s confusing knowing which is the best route to go down. I personally have shaved for many years and was getting fed up. Those pesky under arm hairs would pop back up after just a day of shaving and the stubble … Read More

Environ Advanced Vitamin facial @ Bodilight

Mention facials and for most people the image conjured up involves aromatherapy oils and lots of relaxing massage. While that’s truly lovely, beauty addicts like me want instant results as well as some much-needed chill out time. Step forward, the advanced active vitamin facial by Environ. Using cutting-edge technology, including electrical pulses and sound waves, this is as far from your traditional facial … Read More

Benefits of Wrinkle relaxers

There are a number of benefits of Wrinkle Relaxers injections, from eliminating wrinkles and fine lines to preventing excessive sweating. Did you know that a lot of patients use it to actually treat migraines? There are no known long-term side effects, however, your facial movements will be minimised in the particular area treated. Wrinkle Relaxers can be effective from those … Read More

Cracking down on Nail Salons!

Now the Christmas period is well and truly over & January is in full swing we can’t help but think how quickly time seems to fly now a days!  The fact is our lives are so busy with working, housework, social commitments as well as children and their social lives, clubs and long school days.  Trying to fit any time … Read More