Lets get Spooky!

This week it’s all about Halloween!

Kids off school for half term and the local Fun Fair in Milton Keynes set to open its gates this week, many of us preparing for a weekend of Halloween fun.  Whilst you may be rushing to the shops for the cutest or the scariest Halloween costume we have been getting set in clinic with lots of autumnal shellac manicures.  Some spooky nail art designs and lots of stories about Halloween parties that seem to have become a huge tradition in this country for many.

Back in the 80’s/90’s Halloween was all about mum making do with her best black bag costume and a mask from the local shop that was usually held together by string, made from the worse plastic possible and suffocated you with the tiny holes you were meant to breath through.  If you don’t remember the cheap plastic mask that scratched your face….you’re definitely younger than us.


The past few years have seen Halloween become a big deal in England. Many mums and dads will make huge efforts to throw their little one’s parties and what’s more many of us adults will go to great lengths with theatrical makeup and outfits for the occasion.


The beautiful Holly Willoughby t.v presenter of This Morning and our classic girl next door will take to our screens this week in a Halloween special of Celebrity Juice as the famous suicide squad member Harley Quinn. Whilst Kylie Jenner took to her twitter account in a more subtle skeleton outfit. Safe to say we’ve gone Halloween mad!


In clinic this week we have had the opportunity to play with some spooky nail art. A few of our favorite Halloween colours have been Dark Dhalia and Black Pool, Wildfire is devil hot red and the new Emerald Lights from shellacs #Starstruck collection is the perfect sparkly Emerald green for all the witchy poos.


It still amazes us that some still have no idea about the revolutionary gel nail polish that is Shellac.  Applied to the natural nail with no preparation needed therefore absolutely no nail damage, shellac offers 14-day protective wear, with zero drying time. A high gloss finished manicure with a 5 minute removal time.  A 45 minute lunch time nail appointment couldn’t be any easier!!! What’s not to love?


What’s more using nail art and stamping our nail techs can take a natural nail treatment to another level! It’s not just long talon nails that can look good with a shellac manicure! Take a look on our Facebook page for some real nail envy and get yourself to our online booking system to match our availability with your diary.


Enjoy your spooky weekend fun…..




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