Bikini line styling!

What’s your preference?………….A Hollywood, Brazilian, Designer, Extended, Thong or Standard?

Do you know the difference? Well I’m sure every clinic/salon and even person may have their own variation or take on what each of these bikini styles look like. Ultimately this is a very personal area and a very personal decision with no wrong or right answer.  I have been a laser Practitioner at Bodilight for in excess of 15 years and believe me I’ve seen it all!! With some choosing to remove the smallest slither from either side of the knicker line, heart shaped designs, arrows, initials and of course removing the lot.

One thing that most women will agree on is that there is nothing worse than hitting the beach in the summer & spotting stray hairs poking out of your crutch or in between your legs.

Many people still use traditional hair removal methods like shaving and waxing, however both are usually the cause of skin irritation often leaving the skin red and blotchy and with the delightful bonus of a few ingrown hairs. Neither last long at all and worst of all with waxing you have to leave the hair grow for several weeks between treatments. Not Ideal!

Thank god for Laser!

There is no doubt in mind that if you are suitable for Laser hair removal then it is by far the best option available. The treatment is quick, effective and offers permanent results. Irritated skin and ingrown hairs will be a thing of the past and your skin will look smooth and blemish free once again.

The treatment is great for all bikini style choices and for all areas of the face and body. With a slim line application, we can get into the smallest of nooks and crannies.

A research recently run by cosmopolitan magazine showed 62% of women chose to go bear with their pubic hair area choosing to remove everything aka Full clearance/Hollywood….

“I am Armenian, so of course I am obsessed with laser hair removal! Arms, bikini, legs, underarms … my entire body is hairless.” —Kim Kardashian, Allure

“If you have a landing strip, you’re the kind of girl who never has to pay for date, you only wear a thong, and you’ll attempt things you know you’re gonna be successful at. Now, if you do bald, and there are people who do, you never do anything halfway, your dishwasher’s perfect, you’re OCD … everything’s in line. And if you don’t do a thing down there, you probably don’t own a flat iron … you sing Jodi Mitchell in the shower, and you order your steaks plain.” — Hoda Kotb, Kathy Lee and Hoda – would you agree with this statement???

Laser Hair Removal for many is considered a luxury treatment and many years ago was only affordable for the rich and famous. Nowadays this is not the case. It is now a treatment that is possible for us normal people and actually works out less costly than waxing overal.

For some of our client’s hair removal is a necessity and excessive unwanted hairs on areas or the face or body can affect their everyday life. Laser hair removal for people like this is often life changing. Whilst it is not an overnight result, improvement/reduction can be seen after just one treatment and most people find a hair free result is seen within 6 sessions.

Winter months are typically the best time of year to start a course of Laser hair removal and until the end of November you can save 50% off your first treatment so now really is the perfect time to find out if you are suitable. So why not pop in for a free consultation to gather all the info about the treatment and assist you in making an informed choice without any obligation.


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